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CBI Sterling Asserts Report Launch

Event 1 CBI Sterling Assets Report Launch in GuangzhouOn 7th November 2017 the CBI introduced their China Sterling Assets Report,which looks at British Investment in China. Mr. Guy Dru Drury, CBI’s Chief Representative of China, NE & SE Asia gave a presentation on the report, which is the first of its kind to be produced in China. Consul General, Karen Maddocks, and staff from British Consulate-General Guangzhou, DIT, CBBC and BritCham all attended the event at the British Centre in Guangzhou. In 2016, the UK was China’s second largest trading partner in the European Union (behind only Germany) and the eighth worldwide,doing £55 billion worth of trade in goods with China. Indeed, after the USA and Germany, it is the only country in the list of China’s top nine trading partners not in the Asia Pacific region.The report shows that in 2015, Guangdong, “accounted for £669bn of trade in goods, or 26% of China’s total of £2.6trn, and for £18bn of inbound Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), or 12% of China’s £155bn total.” Guy Dru Drury summarised the report by stating that business opportunities and trad擅长画竹的画家e between the UK and China is largely positive and has room for significant growth in certain sectors.To download the report, please click Read More.Event 2Members Lunch with All Party Parliamentary China Group DelegationThe Chamber’s Executive Manager, Barry Kirkwood was joined by five BritCham members at an exclusive lunch on Tuesday 7th November with members of the UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary China Group (APPCG).During the lunch meeting APPCG delegates introduced the latest developments in the UK economy, shared their analysis and insight into how the 2017/2018 UK Budget will affect business and discussed a wide range of China topics with attendees. BritCham members also shared their experience on conducting business in the China market, and outlined to MP’s the support they wish to see from the UK Government.Will Quince, Vice Chairman of All Party Parliamentary China Group,also talked briefly about the role of the APPCG, and how it works with BritCham members on issues of common interest - including the next phase of business growth.If you wish to promote some events and updates through BritChams media channels, please contact: jiaying.li@britchamgd.com 成人论坛大全 成人论坛大全